Sunday, December 25, 2005

My Christmas

First Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all reading this!

Christmas started off well, I attended Mass with mom to hear her read...Despite my fears of being struck down by a bolt from the heavens, my reluctance to attend in hindsight seem a tad bit silly, that being said I'm not tempting fate.

I got to test out one of my gifts today, a pedometer to give me a clearer idea of who far/long I was actually going on my walks and workouts...Between my morning workout and evening walk according to the pedometer I went 11,119 steps, 10,087 steps in aerobic mode for 90 minutes and 6.1 miles. I ate the normal stuff today but my intake for the whole day is probably less than some single meals I've had in the past and best of all I've had all on one-half of a shortbread cookie this whole holiday season. I'm starting to notice changes in my midsection, I'm excited but realize that this is just the beginning.

All in all a good day, makes me think of all the past Christmas' so in my next post I think I'll revisit some of mt favorite memories from Christmas' past. Take Care and I hope you had a great day!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I saw a set of those spinning rims last night

It was the first time I had seen them in person. I was stopped with Button on our walk last night and this car pulls up to the light. The driver gave me a look like "yeah, what do you think of them". I deferred my opinion to Button, who was relieving herself on a nearby patch of grass....I concurred.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Phase 2 begins

I have no complaints on how my exercise and diet is a new week (4) begins I am cranking up the intensity of my workouts. On the 3 days I lift, after I do the four round circuit I will spend a couple of sets hitting more specific areas such as biceps, triceps, chest and back twice a week and in between those days I am sandwiching an intense session to target my quads, calves and hammies...should be fun. The 3 other days I do cardio I will be supplementing the additional Abs workout that I have been doing. I anticipate the first week will be tough and I'll be sore but I'm excited to see where this takes me.

It is hard to explain the change in me, a switch went off back in 2004 and as I get closer and closer to my goal the intensity of these feelings grows stronger. The closest I can explain it as is that feeling I used to get as a kid when I took the mound to pitch...the moment I stepped on the mound I KNEW I would win and that you couldn't touch this "game" The end game is already written and now I just need to work hard each day to realize that day for myself as soon as possible...and I am excited for you to meet that new man, I get glimpses and it amazes me.

I am learning to let go of my regrets from the past and focus on what my future holds...that is big for me, I've kicked myself a million times for not asking that certain girl out or one of other countless things I would change... but with this new body/life comes a new future....sorry to be getting all "Tony Robbins" on you, but one last thing that even Tony would be proud new mantra, it came to me as I walked last night..."My health is the foundation of a new and prosperous life".

I Regret to inform my family...

Image hosted by

Yes indeed Billy Smith has died. The details are sketchy but apparently he wandered off into the wheat fields around Pullman some 25 years ago. It is something family has been unable to deal with all these years, holding on to his memory. Knowing him as well I did, I know he would want you all to move on, while not forgetting him, he would ask that you discontinuing invoking his memory by using his name. It will be hard I know, he was a good kid but those are his wishes...let him go....

Billy is survived directly by Will(iam), their relationship is unclear ;-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More Great Music Sites

Some months back, in the beginning of my Decemberists obsession, I found this site for a great morning show in california that highlights some great Indie artists that are out there, the show is called Morning Becomes Eclectic.

You can either listen to the acts which do set in studio or watch them perform if you have the connection speed for it. Of course I recommend The Decemberists ;) but I also have been digging Iron and Wine, The Arcade Fire, Jem, Laura Veirs and Josh Rouse.
I suggest sampling some of the artists you might not know about, tons of good stuff.

Two other sites I will mention before I totally ramble off... NPR's All Songs Considered has an amazing collection and some really cool concerts in their archives...highly recommended. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Seattle's own KEXP like they say, it is "Where the music matters"....incredible site with loads of goodies....go explore!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Great to see everyone last night

A quick note to say it was great to see Clan Erskine last night....weird seeing the older of us cousins getting grayer and grayer each year and the kiddies getting cuter and cuter. Nice talking off-blog with James and Lief and a big thumbs up to Lief for that music site. good stuff. Gaylen can you email me a hundred or so songs from work? lol j/k.

I'm hoping in 2006 we can all (or the majority of us) can do a EGAD, so we can kick back and have some fun...I'm up for it when the weather gets nice and next winter when I plan to hit the slopes again !!! Oh yeah thanks for all the kind words, the next time most of you see me I hope to be quite a bit by day.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Brokeback Mountain. "Big Hollywood" is at again...

Disclaimer: I have not seen this movie.

However I am excited to see it, it was just the other day that I was thinking that Hollywood has been pretty skimpy on its Gay Westerns. Both on an aspiring screenwriter and human level I find it refreshing that this type of movie can be made and is comng out in front of the nation, if you will. I know it won't be long until the backlash hits and those who find the material offensive scream how subversive its message and Hollywood is.

My take, from what I've seen of the trailer and read of the reviews is that this is a love story no more no less. It is the premise that the mainstream audience might find hard to accept, but to me it is simply about two men that are conflicted because they find love and a kindred spirit in eachother.

I find the best scripts/movies have the biggest obstacles to overcome, they don't need to come in the form of man made or mythical evil creatures...sometimes it is scarier when that obstacle is from within and you realize instead of defeating it, you may have to come to accept it as a part of you. I personally don't see this film as an endorsement of the "gay" lifestyle as I am betting it will be labeled....even if it was/is I say cheers to the people who have the fortitude to make this movie.

Brokeback Mountain opens in limited release around the country friday december will be playing in Seattle and I hope to see it and give my own review of it.

And so week 3 begins...

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My workout program is going well. I actually used my free weights for most of the lifts today, which is a minor miracle in and of itself. I hurt my left shoulder pretty severely this summer and while it is still not 100%, it is good enough to sustain more and more weight as time goes on.

As I went through the workout today my mind went back to those first days when I was just starting this program back in 2004. How I was physically not able to do the beginning workout without assistance of a chair and on most movements I flat out couldn't do them so I modified them to what I could, while I'm far from perfect, I'm rockin' the advanced workout and I am starting to see who I will be one day soon physically...feels great.

The other night on my walk with Button we went about 3 miles and on the way back I jogged every other block, it feels like I've discovered a new toy and I want to play with it 24/7. My goal is to to a sprint triathlon this coming summer, it is something I've dreamt of doing most of my life and I will cross that finish line in 2006.

Well that is all for now on the health front.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Why does Will hate W**-Mart So?

Ok this time I promise to keep my post clean...wait a minute that didn't come out right...arrggg another double entendre ! Alright I'll stop playing around...First let me apologize to all the "prostitutes" out there that deserve better than to be classified along side of "The evil company that shall not be named" or TECCTSNBN.

As many if not all know I grew up in Pullman, Washington... A small sleepy college/farrming town in southeastern Washington State. It pained me to know end when I heard "TECTSNBN" was planning to move their way into the Pullman economy. No doubt they will do a brisk business with all those college kids looking for bargains, but being that I grew up knowing some of the businesses and people they are sure to put out of business is it really a good thing for the community?

I won't bore you with the studies of how many local governments are being burden by "TECTSNBN" employees that do not make a liviable wage or benefits and have to rely on aid from the government to get by...It just seems fair to me that if you are giving an honest days work, on top of making $$$ up he Wazzu (pardon the pun) for a company they should reciprecate by taking care of their employees....sily me.

Alright a quick story why I favor the "little man" (great Alan Jackson song and extremely relevant)...There is nothing like walking into a store and just being able to chit chat with the person and know that they value you more than just a customer... The type of business "TECTSNBN" threatens to destroy in Pullman is the small "mom & pops" or family places. Why should we care right? competition is best right? Well one store, though I haven't been in to for ages, that is dear to my heart is Ken Vogel Clothing. I went to school with his kids and always was met with warmth when I stepped in his business.

I can't remember the year or the occasion, but I remember going to Vogel's to get a shirt and tie. Now at most places I would undoubtedly find what I need and pay up, rock bottom prices or not. Well Mr. Vogel probably saw how difficult the whole process was for me, I mean I wasn't born knowing how to tie a proper tie (wow that sounds akward...anywho) In the middle of his store Mr. Vogel gave me lessons in how to tie my tie. Those are the type of people "TECTSNBN" is going after and driving out of business so you can have really cheaply made stuff at a real low price...

Shabooya Sha Sha Shabooya....Roll call

Hey Fam....With the get together next weekend I'm wondering who all is coming...I'm hoping ALL who are in the area, no excuses! When was the last time the WHOLE (who can honestly make it) family actually got together?

Also wondering who might have a video cam and if they would be willing to bring it to the party? I have a project that I need folks help with.

I'm excited to see everyone!!!

Welcome Rylee Ann !

Just got the news this morning that we have an addition to the Erskine Clan! Congratulation to Cousin Mimi Teresa on the birth of her second beautiful daughter, can't wait to see both.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Week Two

Just an update on things....the workouts are fantastic and Button is loving the two walks a day....I even made a couple of killer dishes this week that were compatible with the lifestyle change, my favorite was the lean turkey sausage & veggie pizza with skim mozzerella on whole wheat dough handmade and rolled paper thin...I still got the touch making pizza :) also had chicken breast with artichoke hearts and sundreid tomatoes over organic whole wheat pasta. Been walking about 3-4 miles a day and adding a bit of jogging to go with my daily aerobics/weightlifting session...feels great!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

2005 2A State Champion Pullman Greyhounds

Congrats to my old high school!!!! great to hear the young Hounds brought the title to the Palouse. They won today 28-24, sorry to say I was unable to attend but I was rooting from home!

My Own Private Turkey Bowl

Okay so there was no turkey or football with friends. But I can relate all too well to my cousin Lief's lament on how sore he was the day after chasing grid-iron glory with friends and co-workers on turkey day.

Today is day 3 of Power90. I've done one complete 90 day round and several partial rounds (ended due to injury) so I'm well accustomed to what is dished out. So I thought why not just jump into the advanced level to begin with and now I remember why you start ... my muscle are screaming after my lifting workouts! It feels great on some level and it will all payoff in the end, and I guess the bright side of having sore muscles is it is a sign that I do have muscles ...somewhere in there :)