Friday, November 25, 2005

F*CKING Whore-Mart

Ok I'm up on my soapbox for this post. Long ago I swore to myself that I would never set foot in a Whore-Mart store, I don't care if they are giving away the secret of long life and health for free, fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

So now it is the holiday season, and as we all know it is the time to celebrate insanely low prices for worthless shit by trampling over your fellow human being at fucking five o'clock in the morning.

Now we have the basic history of the Christmas season out of the way I must say well done to those fine folks at the South Hill Whore-Mart in Puyallup. Yes there were other displays of consumer zeal as impressive all over the country the morning after Thanksgiving (I even saw where retailers more and more are opening for shopping on Thanksgiving..but I digress) but it takes it happening close to home to really make you feel that pride.

In these days leading up to Christmas I beg you not to listen to those who would have you believe this time of year is about celebrating the birth of Jesus or those who advocate giving a hand to others... If it's 5:05AM and you and Jesus are battling for the last $378 laptop computer at Whore-Mart it is well within the spirit of the holidays to kick his ass. I mean what would Jesus do?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My first day back...

Ok the first two weeks of this "diet" are behind and I'm allowed to introduce some fruits and carbs back into the diet. First before I go on I must say that those two weeks weren't bad at all and like others have said I didn't suffer from cravings a bit. Those fries (previously mentioned) are still in the freezer and I plan to keep them there until someone else grabs them for themself.

So what was my first meal back? This morning I prepapared Buckwheat pancakes topped with smart balance spread, light portion of syrup and homemade lean turkey sausage. For a snack I had half of an apple and I must say that I feel wonderful. buttton is loving the walks, which average two per day. The other day we discovered a wetlands in our neighborhood and she loved exploring it and so did I . Well I'm getting off of topic...Happy Thanksgiving to all reading this, especially those from the Erskine Clan :) miss you and hope to see everyone soon.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dear Uncle Mike...

Pullman High - 40
Orting High - 7

Orting came in 11-0...11-1 isn't a bad year at all :) Go Hounds!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Nine Years Ago Today

I still remember that day, although most of it has been lost to time like any other normal day. I had just gotten home from classes and my then girlfriend told me that my mother had called and wanted me to stay near the phonne so I wouldn't miss her call. I immediately knew something was wrong, my mind raced over the possibilities...I waited for what seemed like hours dreading that call, and then it finally came.

I had always thought how unreal it looked and unlikely it was that a person to actually burst into tears, three words from my mother proved me wrong..."We lost Grandma" tore me open before I fully comprehended its actual meaning. I remember slamming my fist into the wall repeatedly, so hard that I believe that if someone would've been on the other end I would have killed them, how I did not break my hand I will never know.

Most of the rest is a blur, I remember at that moment that my decision to leave Washington and head to Oregon for college was a big mistake, I was away from the only thing that really mattered to me, family and even more so my grandmother who was one of the pillars that gave strength to this insecure kid trying to find his way. I also remember the intense guilt I felt that lasted for years because I was supposed to call her only days earlier, but decided against because Thanksgiving was coming up and I would see her then, I have finally forgiven myself for that, because I know she wouldn't have any of that.

What I also remember... walking into my grandparents home surrounded by family and all I could see was my grandpa, unlike the man that I grew up aroound. He was strong and steady, and stern at times, but before me was a man lost and broken, it almost hurt as much to see him like that than to hear those words telling me my grandma had passed away.

As a family we cried and laughed as we shared stories and our take on grandma. I, like the rest of the family was numb, I can't remember how long I stayed. I remember the service and seeing her brother Walt's eyes, I had never seen the level of sadness and anguish in another person eyes before...that alone nearly broke my heart.

Maybe the worst part for me was that I was scheduled to be back in Oregon shortly to take my GRE's to get into gradute school, at that moment school and Oregon were the further thing from my mind, I needed family....but I went. I remember trying to keep it together for my test, I had done well on pre-tests and was hopeful that I could get into the upper range of schools I was applying to...That lasted until the actual test, when it all came flooding out. I remember struggling to read the questions through my tears and swelling eyes, and the looks from others...what a time.

I think this entry got heavier than I intended but I feel better nonetheless. I also remember the great times with grandma; her always calling me "fat rabbit" when I played a practical joke on her or told her a fib just to wait for her reaction... her calling me "Billy Fish". somehow it was okay for her and no one else to say it...I remember how me and Gaylen would laugh to ourselves in the backseat as grandma hit the gas and brake pedal with her feet like a champion boxer worked the speed bag... and oh yes I remember the woman that used to steal french fries. God love her, see spared me some serious carbs.

I guess they say it gets easier..maybe it does. I'm sorry that some of my younger cousins didn't get a chance to really know her, for she was an incredible woman and I try to bring honor to her memory each and every day.

We miss you Gram

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A First For Me

There is bag of french fries sitting in the freezer that have been there more than a week. Before starting this journey it is unnlikely they would have seen their first sundown with me in charge of their care. And what is better is that I have no interest in them :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Watch out Bose!!!

Taking the first steps...

In June 2004 I made the decision to start working out again and reclaim my health. While in a years time I made tremendous progress from where I started, in August I started a slow backslide. So today I gather myself not simply to lose weight, but to change my life; physically, mentally, and spiritually, I have a life that is waiting for me and the soon I take these steps the sooner I get to where I need to be.

So here below I am outlining a plan that I have set for myself. I am posting it so that you who know me will check in on me and make sure I am staying the course.

I, William A. Smith, hereby pledge to :

-Wake up by 6:30 AM daily on weekdays.

-Take Button for a walk for no less than 30 minutes a day.

-Do an aerobic workout six days per week.

-Eat five time per day (3 meals & 2 Snacks).

-Limit myself to one moderate serving.

-Do not eat later than 7:30 PM.

-Follow the guidelines of the "South Beach Diet".

-Write everyday for a minimum of four (4) hours per day.

-Watch no more than three hours of television per day.

-Be in bed and lights out by midnight on weekdays.

-Drink a minimum of a gallon of water per day.

-Play a minimum of one (1) hour of guitar per day.

-Read one book per week.

William A. Smith

I am excited to see the changes that come from this and to share them with you my friends and family.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Decemberists on the web

Besides their official website, I have found a few of their songs and a video or two floating legally around the net.


Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect: mp3

The Soldiering Life: mp3 video (56k) (300k)

The Engine Driver: mp3

Sixteen Military Wives: video

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Here I Dreamt I Was A Decemberist

Ok I've never been in the position of thanking Meth addicts for anything, but if it weren't for some of them jonesing down in Portland and needing to steal some stuff to buy more junk I may never have gotten into the Decemberists.

This past spring I decided to go see a friend from Pullman and her band play in Seattle. They were playing as part of a multi-band benefit for a band from Portland Oregon that had recently had most of their gear stolen. As part of the gig, each band played a set and in it played one song from the band the proceeds this show was for, The Decemberists. Each time a band played a Decemberists tune I took note and by the end I was blown away by the level of writing that had gone into their songs, I had to hear more of them!

Since then I've become damn near obsessed with their music. Colin Meloy doesn't just write songs, he creates these wonderful universes that lets the subject not only live in, but allows the listener to enter and roam around a bit. It is also nice to hear him use such a rich language when any word would suffice, Meloy often picks words that make the listener reach for a dictionary or into their past to remember a definition that was lost to time.

Can't really say that I have a favorite song, although "Shiny" is damn close. Each song conjurs up such wonderful memories, that I cherish each differently. Ok I have been listening to "Red Right Ankle", "Clementine", "On The Bus Mall" and "I Was Meant For The Stage" a ton lately but that could be said of a number of other wonderful Decemberist songs.

Tonight I found myself in tears listening to "The Engine Driver", from day one this song has struck deep in me..I've heard songs that express what I feel or think, but this song reach down and with a few words said EXACTLY what has been weighing me down in my progress with my writings/screenplay. I've tried to convey both my story and my frustrations in telling that story to family and friends. The first time I heard his lyrics I felt a great wave of relief come over me because some else has felt this. Here is an excerpt:
The Engine Driver

"And I am a writer, writer of fictions
I am the heart that you call home
And I've written pages upon pages
Trying to rid you from my bones"