Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I finally asked her out...and she said yes !

Okay so it actually happened in a dream. Okay some of you may say how incredibly sad this is, but damnit it was my dream !

So I'm now 36 years old...whew...but last night I had a dream that I asked out the girl of my dreams... no hollywood starlet or super-model...better than that, the girl I fell for when I was a mere 12 year-old kid.

It wasn't a crush, I had a couple of those over the years, the first time I saw her I knew she was the most beautiful girl I had seen or will ever see in my lifetime. When we actually met it was even better, we dug eachother (well that is my recollection) but in my masterpiece of social ineptitude, I never said the things I should have and we never progressed passed the confusion of adolescence...not so much as a date or even a damn kiss.

I'm not 100% sure why I'm blogging this (Odds are if you think this topic is lame, then you have already stopped reading by now.)

My best guess... no strike that, I know that the 12 year-old boy inside me still loves that girl and will until (hopefully) as an old man I draw my final breath. And if I'm lucky between now and then I'll finally get the chance to tell her what that little boy was too scared to.

Back to the dream...was quite simple, I went to a place where she worked (not the actual place) and there she was, yeah the heart went pitter-patter even in my sleep. She looked at me the way she did when we were kids, I gathered myself and asked her out, she smiled as if to say finally and then we kissed...it was so nice I stole another one and then woke up as happy as I've been in ages.

The 12 year-old still dreams...

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Why is it I have to watch CBC, BBC and/or Democracy Now to see indepth the plight of the Lebanese people ?

Why is every single Israeli strike on UN observer posts/ambulances/residential buildings/shelter/agricultural truck/etc... explained away by the US media as done because Hezbollah launched a rocket attack nearby?

Why would a foreign government not want an immediate cease fire while thousands of its citizens are in harms way?

Why isn't there more scrutiny of IMO Israel's disproportionate responses, from shooting rock throwers to now killing hundreds over the initial kidnapping of two soldiers?

Why does the US media spend more time on Mel Gibson than actual news?


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tour De WTF

I'm trying to give Floyd Landis the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty... I still have admiration for all those who punish their bodies on the three week tour, however I'm just tired of all the bullshit, I sincerely hope Landis' test comes back a false positive, but if he is guilty then I wish he would be man enough to come out and admit to it. Enough with all the excuses, it would do my heart a tiny bit of good for one of these cheaters to come out with a sincere apology.

In baseball so many are willing to look past the obvious and play up the accomplishments without as much as an acknowledgement that they were gained outside the spirit and/or laws governing society/sports.

I keep thinking of those lyrics... "Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio...."