Thursday, January 26, 2006


Hey again all... Today marked my 57th day this round and I am happy to announce that I feel great. Ok for some background I must explain that this is my fourth attempt at doing a full 90 days straight, my first round went 90 days but the following two rounds both ended prematurely, oddly enough both on day 57. I've come a long way and even on the days I feel down, I see the changes that have come so far and it helps lift my spirits a bit.

Yesterday on my off-day walk I marveled at how the pants I was wearing just a few months ago had no chance of getting on me and the shirt I was wearing on day 1 of my first round back in 2004 fit me snug while almost making it to my waistline and clung tightly to my of yesterday it was draped over my butt and comes to just below mid-thigh in the front...very proud.

As the pounds come off so to do the emotions. Pride that I have the strenght to come from a place that not many have and an excitement of what awaits...But also a sense of sadness at the people whom I have let slip away, both friends and people I cared for at some point but was too afraid to let down my facade and show them who I really was. As a bi-product of all this I hope I can find my niche again...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Half way there...

Today marks my 45th day in my 90 day boot camp! I came into this round slightly worried about my shoulder, and now I sit here proud that I've built up the strength in it enough to double the weight I started out with (30lb per dumbbell currently). I've given myself to this program and it is showing, my weight is down and my fitness WAY up, there is no stopping me...PERIOD.

After thinking of sending in a audition tape for the show "The Biggest Loser", I was surprised to find out that they were holding an open casting call in Seattle this past week. So Tuesday moring I went and stood in line with about 150-200 other hopefuls. Met some nice people and had a good time, but in the end I did not get a call back...Although I did get interviewed for "Evening Magazine". I knew my chances were long and like I told those in line I'm losing the weight with or without the show...but it would have been cool to have been worked out by Jillian Michaels..oh well.

My health is the foundation for a long and prosperous life.... and what a foundation I am building!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Seventeen has turned Thirty-Five

I just received John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits in the mail today... purchased on a B&N gift card. Anyhow, I pop the CD in and wow did the memories come flooding back! It was like being back in Pullman, a teenager again, cruising with friends not even sure what we were looking for..and maybe going 4X4in' in a random wheat field or two...good times and good memories.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mr. A-Z....

Submitted for your approval (or not) is a musician Jason Mraz, I saw him for the first time this summer when he opened for Alanis Morissette,. I had never heard of Jason Mraz before then, but as I sat watching him, waiting for Alanis, his talent was undeniable and left many of the crowd stunned with his quick lyrical wit and delivery.

It is hard to describe his style other than saying that he flawlessly keeps his "musical" style rooted in several camps... he raps flawlessly, is part pop, folk, and sounds as if he'd be at home in jazz as well. That evening Mraz delivered a set-full of original songs that stunned you, not only for the quality of lyrics, but for his ability to deliver freestyle raps that showed the audience his emmence sense of humor to match.

He is an artist that I will keep an eye on and I hope people lend an ear and give a chance.

Here is a video of his (more can be viewed from his multimedia area.

Gypsy MC High Bandwidth Low Bandwidth

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Years All !!!

Ok I'm dusting off the blog skills for the new year... All in all 2005 was too bad, I got closer to my health goals and with each day I feel better and better. 2006 promises to be exciting for me, well I'm hoping for it to of my first tasks is to find someone who can give me access to their video camer for a 5 min "audition" tape I'm planning to make for a "reality "show...yeah that is correct I'm going to apply for one of those.

As a gift to myself for Christmas I got a few things, all designed to help push me in a positive direction both physically and with some other goals. A book I'm working on now is called "The War of Art", basically how to fight past your self-sabotage to create or find your artistic voice...I've let my insecurities over writing build up so long that this is a difficult battle for me, yet inside I know it is what I am supposed to do (please don't judge me abilities from this blog ;-) )

The ongoing gift of my workouts is going wonderfully, by my count I walked about 50 miles in the last week, along with some killer is not a matter of if but when now and I'm excited for the next phase in this journey. My dream of a triathlon gets closer each day... sorry if you came for any insight....this is a brain spill....hoping your 2006 is happy and safe...and please, by all means check in with me and let me know how you are.