Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Years All !!!

Ok I'm dusting off the blog skills for the new year... All in all 2005 was too bad, I got closer to my health goals and with each day I feel better and better. 2006 promises to be exciting for me, well I'm hoping for it to of my first tasks is to find someone who can give me access to their video camer for a 5 min "audition" tape I'm planning to make for a "reality "show...yeah that is correct I'm going to apply for one of those.

As a gift to myself for Christmas I got a few things, all designed to help push me in a positive direction both physically and with some other goals. A book I'm working on now is called "The War of Art", basically how to fight past your self-sabotage to create or find your artistic voice...I've let my insecurities over writing build up so long that this is a difficult battle for me, yet inside I know it is what I am supposed to do (please don't judge me abilities from this blog ;-) )

The ongoing gift of my workouts is going wonderfully, by my count I walked about 50 miles in the last week, along with some killer is not a matter of if but when now and I'm excited for the next phase in this journey. My dream of a triathlon gets closer each day... sorry if you came for any insight....this is a brain spill....hoping your 2006 is happy and safe...and please, by all means check in with me and let me know how you are.



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