Monday, December 19, 2005

Great to see everyone last night

A quick note to say it was great to see Clan Erskine last night....weird seeing the older of us cousins getting grayer and grayer each year and the kiddies getting cuter and cuter. Nice talking off-blog with James and Lief and a big thumbs up to Lief for that music site. good stuff. Gaylen can you email me a hundred or so songs from work? lol j/k.

I'm hoping in 2006 we can all (or the majority of us) can do a EGAD, so we can kick back and have some fun...I'm up for it when the weather gets nice and next winter when I plan to hit the slopes again !!! Oh yeah thanks for all the kind words, the next time most of you see me I hope to be quite a bit by day.


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