Monday, December 12, 2005

Why does Will hate W**-Mart So?

Ok this time I promise to keep my post clean...wait a minute that didn't come out right...arrggg another double entendre ! Alright I'll stop playing around...First let me apologize to all the "prostitutes" out there that deserve better than to be classified along side of "The evil company that shall not be named" or TECCTSNBN.

As many if not all know I grew up in Pullman, Washington... A small sleepy college/farrming town in southeastern Washington State. It pained me to know end when I heard "TECTSNBN" was planning to move their way into the Pullman economy. No doubt they will do a brisk business with all those college kids looking for bargains, but being that I grew up knowing some of the businesses and people they are sure to put out of business is it really a good thing for the community?

I won't bore you with the studies of how many local governments are being burden by "TECTSNBN" employees that do not make a liviable wage or benefits and have to rely on aid from the government to get by...It just seems fair to me that if you are giving an honest days work, on top of making $$$ up he Wazzu (pardon the pun) for a company they should reciprecate by taking care of their employees....sily me.

Alright a quick story why I favor the "little man" (great Alan Jackson song and extremely relevant)...There is nothing like walking into a store and just being able to chit chat with the person and know that they value you more than just a customer... The type of business "TECTSNBN" threatens to destroy in Pullman is the small "mom & pops" or family places. Why should we care right? competition is best right? Well one store, though I haven't been in to for ages, that is dear to my heart is Ken Vogel Clothing. I went to school with his kids and always was met with warmth when I stepped in his business.

I can't remember the year or the occasion, but I remember going to Vogel's to get a shirt and tie. Now at most places I would undoubtedly find what I need and pay up, rock bottom prices or not. Well Mr. Vogel probably saw how difficult the whole process was for me, I mean I wasn't born knowing how to tie a proper tie (wow that sounds akward...anywho) In the middle of his store Mr. Vogel gave me lessons in how to tie my tie. Those are the type of people "TECTSNBN" is going after and driving out of business so you can have really cheaply made stuff at a real low price...


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Aun"t" said...

The policies and procedures evident by this mega retailer over the recently past Thanksgiving weekend [Black Friday] did nothing toward the enhanchement of mankind locally; except possibly give a good bad example of supply/demand run amuck.
As an antidote I recommend some good reading on political economies starting with Adam Smith, which you can find at a local library or University Library doubtful it could be found at the local not-to-be-mentioned-again mega retailer outlet.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger William A. Smith said...

Uggh...I did enough reading of Adam Smith and the like from my days of Political Science and Economics at UofO....actually lately I've been reading some books I should have gotten to a long time ago...Just finished "A lesson before dying" (quite interesting in light of the recent execution of Tookie Williams) and right now I'm reading "Crime and Punishment" with a couple of Myla Goldberg books waiting in the wings.

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Aun"t" said...

"Crime and Punishment" as in Dostoevsky? I hope that your draperies are open and the lights are on. . . whooeeeee, Smith is a stroll amidst the magnolias compared to Dostoevsky in the winter. Yikes!

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Aun"t" said...

More: Of course Smith was in direct reference to the supply/demand problems aforementioned in your blog entitled : Why does Will hate W**-Mart So?

As for other good reading I am still pushing "Seabiscuit" by Hildenbrand, and "The Lighthouse Stevenson", already read Myla's "Bee Season" . More on the topic of Robert Louis Stevenson (of "The Lighthouse Stevensons" fame), we are doing a reread of "Kidnapped"; most interesting due to its Scottish locale.


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