Thursday, June 22, 2006

What in the world happened to USA Soccer ?

OK it is obvious to say that the men's USA squad fell a wee bit short of expectations. Granted we are not on par with the Brazilians and the Germans (to name a few) yet in football..sorry soccer. But I watched each team in the USA's bracket and all the US could manage was ONE goal on their own?

What happened to the team that was being hyped constantly by Nike? Note to Nike, perhaps hyping should occur next AFTER the team actually does something. Perhaps I am not seeing the bigger picture...thats right it occurred to me following todays loss to Ghana that in a brilliant marketing move Nike is now poised to mass-market a football...sorry soccer shoes that give the wearer actual super powers! Thats right choose either the Air Donovan or the Air Beasely and instantly you have the power to be invisible !!

In all honesty I am enjoying the world cup...Argentina looks amazing and it should be quite a battle for the title. But The world cup is just a tune up for me, I was really looking forward to the upcoming English Premiership season until Michael Owen broke my heart ( and every other Toon fans) when he tore his ACL a few days ago. Win or lose I'll cheer on my Magpies (yeah a guy from Seattle falls for Newcastle United without ever setting foot in England)...please just don't spend a nickel transfer fee on either Donovan or Beasely !

Howay The Lads !

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

OK I'm back...for now

Hey Folks it has been awhile since I've graced these parts. Will felt the burnout and got tired of ranting about this and that, though it seems to be in my nature. *sigh*

I'm not sure yet what direction my blogging will go on here but I'd like to keep it a bit lighter than before...have no fear I'm just as bitter and jaded as before but spare you my internal dialogue :)

Stay tuned for local programming....