Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pygmy Basil

One of the more interesting things going on in the "garden" is that the Basil that I planted at the same time as the Peppermint, are standing only three to four inches high. What little Basil has surfaced is much different than previous years.

If you notice the picture below of the two large pots next to the garden box... the full lush green one is Peppermint and next to it the Basil. Their leaves are as fragrant as ever but they are so short and few.

I'm thinking that it may have to do with the soil that it was planted in, for the most part it was used for a flower box and a store bought tomato plant. Perhaps the tomato plant threw off the PH levels of the soil and that is what I'm seeing. If not man I'm onto to something...Pygmy Basil :)


At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only decent basil I´ve ever been able to grow has been in the kitchen. Doesn't matter if we´ve lived in the north, south, warm or cold, the kitchen out of direct sunlight has been the only way. And then after a few months it bites the big one anyway.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Aun"T" said...

Well, I have grown basil, but not from seed, usually it is in a 4" pot. However, the most fun I have with it drying it. Someone showed me how to slowly and gently dry it in the microwave, it is astonishing how fast it is ready to crumble and store for the winter spaghetti! Yum. Of course first I always make some fresh pesto, have some in the freezer right now. Yumm, just tried some Como bread from Grand Central Bakery, it's wonderful and I am sure would do wonders with a little bit of pesto.


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