Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thoughts on Middle Earth

- Having just started reading Lord of the Rings, I have a new respect for the job Peter Jackson did creating the trilogy for the silver screen. Jackson deviates liberally from the book but is still true to it at the same time, not an easy task.

About one hundred and fifty pages in I marveled at the Jackson teams' ability to turn these novels into a three viable screenplays.

- New Line Cinema is making a big mistake in cutting its ties with Jackson on the possible creation two more Rings prequels, including The Hobbit. They and Jackson are locked in a disagreement over royalties from The Fellowship of the Ring. Given the following the story has and the manner in which Jackson honored Tolkien's vision, I'm sure fans (such as myself) will be skeptical if we are forced to see someone else's version of Middle Earth.


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