Wednesday, June 20, 2007

These brown thumbs ?

**Due to camera issues this post is about a week late**

Last year I dabbled in gardening, well more like watering. My version of gardening was to throw some Basil into a pot and water it. This year I decided I had to channel my homesteading fantasy into something on a practical scale, so I decide that I would see what else I could grow from seed.

Around Mother's Day I built a 6'X 3' garden box (see above) and made a list of the herbs, fruits and veggies I wanted to grow. Admittedly I got a later start than I would have like, part of the learning is figuring out how each seed responds to cold/heat and the amount of water it like. I learned that Green Peppers are extremely difficult, especially in the chill of late spring.

I found myself excitedly rushing out each day to see if I could spot any growth whatsoever, and then one day I saw green popping out of a couple pots containing Roma Tomato seeds... I was hooked. Technically, the first growth was the Peppermint, which thankfully I planted in its own planter. I had read that Peppermint will take over and smother other plants if given the chance, it has grown like wildfire and I'm trying to figure out all the ways to use the stuff this summer.

Once some of the seeds were viable I decided it was time to transplant either to the box garden or to its own pot. It soon became clear that I was overrun in Broccoli and Lettuce so I decided they were the obvious choice for the box garden. I packed them in as tight as I could and maybe too tight (time will tell) and still I had to give away Broccoli seedlings to the neighbors.

The tomatoes did way better than I expected (see above), in fact the tomato plants shown are maybe half of what I actually have. I'm growing three varieties: Roma, Early Girls and Cherry... The Roma's did so well that I only planted them once. The other two I planted a second group indoors under a grow light and it has made an incredible difference. The plants indoors are about two weeks younger and are already much bigger, I simply don't have space for them outside yet...what a nice problem to have :)

It is easy to see how addicting it can be to garden and I can only imagine what it will be like when they plants start to produce. I'm expecting so much that I expect to have to find good homes for some of these plants later in the summer. Ironically the only planting that has been disappointing is the Basil, I think it jealous of all the attention I give to the others :)

A List of what I am growing:

Baby Carrots
Broccoli (approx. 25)
Lettuce (approx. 30)
Snow Peas (8 plants...including 1 inverted)
Green Peppers (30 plants...27 grown indoors)
Roma (approx. 40)
Early Girls (approx. 15)
Cherry (approx. 30)


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Lief said...

You must have taken my gene for "I like to garden" because it isn't that I don't appreciate a new sprout and the amazing way it starts from a seed. It isn't that I don't understand the effort, skill, and dedication that go into a successful garden...I don't even mind getting dirty, I do that often enough.
I just don't like gardening.
It is on a par with something like "I don't like brussel sprouts." or "I don't like that chair."

So, congrats, it looks like you have things well in hand and I am glad you and others like you are good at it because then I am able to enjoy Snow Peas and Roma tomatoes.

At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, basil can be tricky, but one whiff and it is all worth it.


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