Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mr. A-Z....

Submitted for your approval (or not) is a musician Jason Mraz, I saw him for the first time this summer when he opened for Alanis Morissette,. I had never heard of Jason Mraz before then, but as I sat watching him, waiting for Alanis, his talent was undeniable and left many of the crowd stunned with his quick lyrical wit and delivery.

It is hard to describe his style other than saying that he flawlessly keeps his "musical" style rooted in several camps... he raps flawlessly, is part pop, folk, and sounds as if he'd be at home in jazz as well. That evening Mraz delivered a set-full of original songs that stunned you, not only for the quality of lyrics, but for his ability to deliver freestyle raps that showed the audience his emmence sense of humor to match.

He is an artist that I will keep an eye on and I hope people lend an ear and give a chance.

Here is a video of his (more can be viewed from his multimedia area.

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