Friday, September 22, 2006

A knock at the door

Today, while deep in writing mode I hear this knock at the back sliding glass door. No big deal I figure it came from next door, and the neighbor who regularly makes such noises, so I go back to writing.

A minute later three distinct knocks at the door and this time I was sure it wasn't the neighbors door. Button, who was sleeping, stirred and looked at me like what is going on. Seeing no shadow at the door I got up to answer the knocks and what did I find but a pesky Steller's Jay knocking away.

This is its second appearance, the last time it raised quite a fuss amongst the birds. Opening the door it flew off to the neighbor's rooftop and like the last time the birds around went nuts. Not sure why it keeps coming back, there are basil plants and tomatoes growing outside so I'm wondering if that has its interest.


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