Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It is my intention

Ok one of the things I've been dreaming about for a long long time is getting some tattoos. Objects and sayings that are deeply personal to me and act as a source of motivation for me to continue to head down the correct pathes in life.

So sometime in 2007 when I've lost more of this weight, I plan to reward myself with my first tattoo... So far I've made an evergrowing list of what I want done.

1. Over my heart I plan to have the Erskine Crest and either replace "Je Pense Plus" (I Think More) with the other Erskine Motto "Decori decus addit avito" (He adds honor to that of his ancestors) or get that tatooed somewhere else.

2. Not sure of the placement but the next one is this. Apparently I said this back 1978, she reminded me of it and I've been fascinated and eager to learn from that wise innocent little boy. I have other ideas for the quote that I hope could help others, but more of that later...

3. Again not sure of the placement, maybe back ... of an Orca-type fish (yes I realize Orcas are not fish) This "Killer" Whale that is anything but. Maybe not a surprise to some of you I would name him "Billy Fish" (who also isn't a fish). A fish that some viewed from his exterior as being tough, but inside he was as gentle as they come, yet that part that people fear is always hidden beneath the surface.

4. A portrait tattoo of the subject of my screenplay. Probably an arm tattoo, he has become a part of me and it would be my honor to get a tat of him. I owe him so much I can't even put it into words.

5. The "we are the poor rabble" quote (see reign of the rabble for it). Probably on the inside of one of my forearms as a reminder. I came upon this quote while doing a history paper and from the minute I read it, those words were seared into me and I felt one with what he was trying to say.

6. On my back I would love to do a totem-like tattoo with each level of it being relevant to my life and the things that have shaped me...definately something that will take more time to design but I have the concept of it.

Maybe more in time after that... I could get an outline to my fraternity brand that is on my right arm. Life will dictate what else is in the cards tattoo-wise but I really am lookig forward to my first. Stay tuned.


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