Sunday, September 10, 2006

Life Lesson #3

There are moments in our lives when life takes us gently by the hand and shows us the error of our ways with as little harm as possible, when our actions could have or should have warranted a harsher outcome.

Case in point:

Life Lesson #1- A young William (circa 1980), full of imagination and Olympic aspirations decided to practice high jumping in his bedroom. Having a bed that doubled nicely for the landing pit, he lacked only a bar to jump over. With ten year old logic in hand he decided a #2 pencil propped up with the writing-side pointing skyward would do the trick. It was only until he successfully landed and looked down between between his legs to see the pencil still where he placed it and only an inch from a rather vital area did he understand a whole lot more was at stake besides the gold medal. *gulp*

Life Lesson #2- Circa 1986ish...William excited to be regularly shaving (sidebar- that excitement lasted about as long as the thrill of going to a bar once I turned 21...not long). So amidst of the excitement and inexperience of shaving ones facial hair, William gets frustrated because his razor keeps getting clogged with hair. A more experinced shaver would run the razor under water or swish it around in a sink full of water...not William. What better way to to clean the blades than just remove said hair with your hands? Many bandages later I then understood the beauty of water...sustaining life, carving out the grand canyon and removing troublesome hairs from a razor blade.

Life Lesson #3- Circa an hour ago... I learned long ago to wash your hands after preparing foods before you eat, didn't I? Surely cracking fresh black peppercorns and then sprinkling over food doesn't really count. I mean I've worked with Pork, Chicken, Beef...etc, while working in a butcher shop years ago. I was always careful not only for the customers sake, but for mine as well. It is rather comical, I mean what are you going to catch from ground black pepper...*think to self* dang let me get that loose eyelash...DOH !!!


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