Friday, September 08, 2006

The Sweetest Sound

I've noticed a subtle but sweet difference between the two breeds of dog I have mostly been around, Cocker Spaniels and Labs. Generally I prefer the lab, they tend to be a bit goofier and a slight bit more affectionate. Maybe this was just the case with my former dog Chester.

Last night however I heard the sweetest sound. Button (Cocker Spaniel) was laying on her side and I decided to rub her tummy. At first she eyed me with some suspicion, but after a few seconds on well-placed rubbing to her ribs and belly I heard it... a series of staccato thumps from her stumpy little tail striking the cushion below her, a sure sign of approval.

Now I loved Chester but in all honesty, everytime he wagged his tail like that you were either at risk of getting thumped or he would surely knock something over on the coffee table.


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