Friday, September 15, 2006

Is it healthy to dream about killing?

So last night I had yet another one of my weird dreams. The entire dream is somewhat fuzzy but what I do remember was killing, with my bare hands and with great joy.

I remember getting a call from someone out at the property (for non-family folks (if there are any reading this) it is sort of the extended family's base camp) that there was trouble and I was needed ASAP. I drove like a freakin mad man, I could feel it building in me, yes the urge to kill.

So I arrive and what should be Grandpa's house, though it was more like a barn. Then I hear it, terrible screams of someone in great pain...okay the heart is racing a bit. As I make my way closer it sounds like someone/thing is bouncing off the damn walls. Clearly I'm in for a fight, undeterred I go inside...nothing. I have a look around and just when I feel relaxed...BAM !!!

I get blindsided by a masked exercise ball. *sidenote* Okay I'm not sure why it is masked, chances are I couldn't pick it out of a line up, so what gives?...back to dream...So the ball is straining for a piece of me and with all the strength I can muster, I dig in my finger and squeeze the life out of that damn ball.

Never did see anyone out there, but looking back those screams probably sounded quite a bit like me when I tangle with the exercise ball everyother day doing ab work.


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