Friday, October 28, 2005

The Plame Game

Ok so the title isn't my most original. Am I the only that is drained from all the bush administration's bullsh!t and now the indictments have come down, with the possibility of more to come. I have to say it couldn't come to a more deserving bunch of idiots and I'm fighting myself to not to revert to potty-mouth mode.

Members of the bush administration decided to out a CIA agent, it would seem because her husband wrote an article that called into question the claims of the administration that Iraq was seeking "yellow cake" uranium in Niger, in order to build the dreaded those dreaded weapons of mass destruction. After the claims were proven unfounded, the adminstration was warned to remove references to those claims, instead bush and others continued to associate Iraq with seeking nuclear material in order to drum up support for a planned invasion.

For an administration that claims to worry about terrorism it is ironic that outted CIA agent Valarie Plame-Wilson was working covertly for a front company Brewster Jennings & Associates to infiltrate terrorist groups that were thought to be interested in smuggling materials for weapons of mass destruction.

Hmm...kind of makes you wonder why we went to war huh?


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