Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How come the right quit talking about Pat Tillman?

I remember the moment I heard that former Arizona State and Arizona Cardinal star Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan, I sat there in disbelief as if I had lost someone I knew personally. Other than the recent attention of the death of Army Specialist Casey Sheehan , you go to sites like Faces of the Fallen to connect a human face and story to the "war on terror".

I remember Pat Tillman's funeral on national TV, America's fallen hero, a man that turned down millions to protect his country, politicians lined up publicly to herald his life and his heroic death at the hands of a ruthless enemy. It was not until later we learned that he was unfortunately killed by a case of fraticide...unfortunate indeed, but in my eyes the heroism doesn't come in death but in the choice itself to serve. I've wondered why we don't hear much about Pat Tillman anymore from the likes of our president and his ilk, surely he should still be held up as an example for all Americans to follow...here is why they wont.


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