Thursday, October 13, 2005

We Are Family

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I have been doing some thinking since the recent addition to the Erskine Clan. First, I'm thrilled to have two beautiful new cousins...they are blessed to call such a wonderful person their mother (though I haven't forgiven you completely Jane for the Jellybeans in my hair as a kid).

I think of my own mother, the eldest of the Erskine sisters, who was advised that she should think of giving me up for adoption. How different my life might have been if she didn't have the strength to raise a bi-racial child in a time when it wasn't as common. Fortunately I was doubly blessed to be born into a wonderful family that accepted me without a second thought.

In following the adoption of the twins it takes me back to my youth and I think how exciting it will be for them to grow up in and around such love and warmth that the Erskine's have to give. It also reminds me that I need to do a better job being a part of that family...not only to the twins, but to my uncles, aunts and especially my cousins.

From Gaylen on down to now Michaela and Annika, each one of you give so much to me and mean so much to me. We all dealt with the loss of Grandma in our own different ways and it was hard for each us, for me I simply withdrew from life, the family and myself and at some point I realized I wasn't sure I knew which direction to go to get back to where I needed to be. I'm far from where I want to be, but I want to let all of you know I want to be a part of your life....not only as your cousin but as your friend as well.



At 7:28 AM, Blogger Lief said...

Well you are starting out right then in my opinion. Writing is as much a part of this family as politics is to the Kennedy's. Okay maybe not the best example but the only other families I could think of I didn't want to mention in the same paragraph with ours.
And then you had to go and play the gramma card. What do you want to do go and spark a whole mess of healing or something? :)
Welcome back friend.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger James Zimmerman said...

Awesome, man! Heartfelt. I'm truly glad your voice is out here.

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Jen said...

Ya what they said:~P

I love the "blog" it is always fun to know whats going on!

Those 2 babes are so beautiful I mean, I don't know how but they got that " Erskine babies are beautiful gene" some how !! :)

See ya latter - Jen

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for opening the window and letting some fresh air blow through. It was getting pretty darn stuffy around here! I may bug you from time to time because James runs illegal contests and his other bloggers have resorted to name calling instead of just admitting that I should have gotten first prize! Besides the politics etc. I hope you have a corner for humour. It seems to be lacking in all quadrants lately and I mean worldwide. Bonne journee and as Vanna would say, "bye bye".

At 1:20 PM, Blogger William A. Smith said...

thanks everyone for stopping by :)

Jen...Annika & Michaela definately have the Erskine "cute" gene... Lord knows I got more than my fair share...just glad to leave a little for the next generation ;)

Mimi err anonymous- I'll try to mix in some comedy... even though it will be hard to beat that David Cross bit.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Will,

Okay, so I'm slow, I thought something was wrong with your knee!


At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Margy said...

Did somebody say comedy corner? That has my name written all over it. And I am modest too.

Yes, all the Erskine babies got the cute gene and are all adorable and cuddly and Annika and Michaela are falling right in line like little pros. They are so cute!! Aunt Mogy cannot wait to meet them. TGIF and toodles all.

Thanks for writing William Anthony and you have always been loved and treasured and we surely don't tell each other that often enough. xxoo

At 10:11 PM, Blogger MLEM said...

Wow, imagine me being one of the last to post....hummmm *G*...I guess I was away and didn't get my e-mail checked as I noramlly do. Good to see you on the blip blop blogggggerrrrrr!~ *Coo-L*
I signed up for this also and somewhere I think I started it, along with a zillion other tasks.......gosh I'd better face it, too many irons in the fire. Anywayyyyyy good to see everyone is online and being "all that they can be"! BTW......cute gene's ahhhh yeah........never met a relative that didn't have some......or we Erskine gals and guys all had darn good luck or made wonderfully educated decisions on partner types/good looking guys and gals! *Smile*.......gotta love all of us huh??? Sure you do.....even Ole' AUNT LOU....Ewwww Right BLief? *HA*
Look forward to cruising your site Bill as I do the others. We are the All American Family inclusive of our newest little ones Annika and Michaela.....dolls both of them as all of you were and remain to be and also those others you have added to the "family" along the path here! GOTTA LOVE US!!!!!

Ok, enough of the silly stuff.......good luck Bill, good to see you onboard here and will check it all out as I do the other "kids"......keep posting gang, nothing like catching up this way!

Am I the All American Grandma if my grand kids are all Brown and White kids? Hummmmmmm
*Giggle* to all!


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